Gabriel Mark Hasselbach

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach is originally from Denver, Colorado. He has since settled in Vancouver British Columbia, where he enjoys a West Coast lifestyle and musical expression. He is Canada’s most prominent exponent of electronic wind instruments and plays the trumpet, flugelhorn and valve trombone. Programmers and listeners would like me to be easily classified with easy-to-understand labels such as “jazz trumpeter” and to have a distinctive sound. Truth is, I am a multi-talented musician with a love for all types of music. I treat my instruments as tools of color and texture just like a graphic artist. This recording is my attempt to “lay it all out on the tables”…a conscious effort in order to paint a better picture of my contribution to music. Radio programmers must also be challenged by this recording. They are not always able honor the spirit and evolution of jazz. Pick the tracts that you like, and then go ahead and play them. My “signature sound” will be something that is heard in all notes I play, regardless of what instrument. I hope you enjoy my music and appreciate my creativity.

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