Galactic Cowboy Orchestra

Since ’09. Have been humpin’ it. 5 CDs, many road trips in a van with 2 toppers, a trailer, and Nicko the road-dog. Nicko is very adorable and we hope to teach Nicko how to play an instrument. We are pretty certain that our fan base would grow exponentially if that little guy could take to the stage. We must also mention Mr. Jakey Alex Wright, who is road-dog #2. He is a less successful version of Nickster. We recently underwent a personnel shift, as some of you may be aware. Now, we are working with Billy Thommes, the drummer. Billy also has a dog. Sugar. We may take her on the road, as she is challenging the cuteness of the other two. We love to quote Team America and Spaceballs and The Three Amigos. “YOU pick it up!” Although nobody knows the line, it is one of Lisi’s favorite Spaceballs lines. Question: How is it possible that Spaceballs isn’t as funny as Lisi believes it to be? Seriously?!? It’s so good! You’ve read all about it. Now, maybe you want to learn more about our music. We love music. And… scene. We laugh, we play, and we have fun with you. Our genre is JAZZGRASS-ART-ROCK. It’s a very accurate description of our band. We like to be all over the place. Lisi grew to love heavy metal and classical music. Hanson – Mmmbopp will always have a special place on my heart. (Yes, “my”, who else do you think would write this? One of the guys? Dan is from Chattanooga and is arguably the best country player in town. But he also grew-up on the Dixie Dregs and Mahavishnu Orchestra boom! John is a veteran of progressive rock, JETHROTULL (he visits their website every week), Medieval, and THE BEATLES. Billy is all over the place… We should know, he’s also the van DJ with his fancy iPod. You never know what’s next! from

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