Gamalon was founded in Buffalo, New York, during the 1960’s. It all started when Ted Reinhardt, a drummer, and Bruce Brucato, a guitarist, began playing together as musicians at age 12. They were joined by Rick McGirr and Victor Marwin to form Rodan in the 1970’s, a local prog-rock band. Rodan was disbanded in 1977. Gamalon was formed in 1982 by Reinhardt, Brucato and Greg Piontek as bass and Chapman Stick. Geoffrey Fitzhugh Perry was the violinist on one album. Tony Scozzaro was George Puleo’s replacement for many years. In the summer 2004, Nori Bucci took his place. Their self-titled debut, in 1987, was one of the best examples of jazz rock and fusion. In 1989, “Project: Activation Earth” was released with Ernie Watts as saxophonist. In 1990, “Aerial view” was released. It was quickly followed by “High Contrast”, in 1991. Their most mature album to date was 1996’s “Held to The Light”. Gamalon announced a new lineup in 2007. Ted Reinhardt is joined by Jim Wynne, Bob Accurso, on malletKAT and Dave Schmeidler, on guitar. Gamalon has released six albums and performed shows with Vital Information (Niacin), Gongzilla, Brand X, and many other artists. Gamalon celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2007. Past and present players: Ted Reinhardt – Drums / Percussion / Chopman Stick (1982-192006) George Puleo – Guitars (1982-1996) Tom Schuman Bass / Chorus (1982-1983); 2004-2006); Rick McGirr — Keyboards (1996), Tony Scozzaro ­ Guitars (1996–2004); Tony Scozzaro _ Guitars (2006). Geoffrey Perry Violin / Piccolo bass (2004–2006) Bob Accurso / malletKAT (2006).

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