Garaj Mahal

Garaj Mahal is a quartet from the United States. They play a blend of Indian music, jazz, rock and funk. In 2000, the band was founded with the expectation that each member’s technical prowess would result in great music. They are one the most well-known and low-profile bands today that allows their music to be recorded live at concerts and then distributed via torrents and musical archives. “Blueberry Cave”, a song by Mahal, won the Best Jam Album award in 2007 at The 6th Annual Independent Music Awards. [1] According the bassist Kai Eckhardt, the band has ended their career with no plans to return. Garaj Mahal, an East/West Coast band, has ended its 11-year-long tour, which saw nine albums be recorded and more than 1000 performances. There are no plans to present future shows at this time. Kai Eckhardt, August 14, 2011, wkipedia

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