Gary Bias

Gary Bias, a Grammy-winning saxophonist, serenades so sweetly on “Under The Moon And Over The Sky”, his new single. It is a remake Angela Bofill’s hit song on Thunderbop Records. Itunes,, and many other music sites are available for download. His seamless blend of smooth jazz shimmers with melodies that glide over us, magically transporting us over serene horizons. This veteran sax player has been lending his soothing melodies to artists such as Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, and Whitney Houston for many years. Now, he is taking the lead with a solo sound that, simply put, sends chills down the spine. Bias, a South Central Los Angeles native, began playing the saxophone when he was eleven years old. His musical peers were Gerald Albright (they met in seventh grade), Patrice Rushen and Ndugu Chancler, as well as trumpeter Ray Brown, who were high school friends. Bias was hired by the Quincy Jones Orchestra while he was pursuing his music degree from California State University, Los Angeles. He joined Willie Bobo, a famous Latin jazz musician, after college and went on tour with The Duke Ellington Orchestra. At the time, he was just 23 years old. He co-wrote the 1985 song “Sweet Love” together with Anita Baker. This was a highlight in Bias’ career. He won a Grammy Award for R for the song.

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