Gary Goin

It is almost certain that music will play an important role in your childhood if you are raised in a home with Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and Woody Herman. Garry Goin, a guitarist, is an example of this. Garry was born in Cleveland, OH. His father was a professional singer, but he decided to raise a family instead of pursuing a career on the road. Goin grew up with a large family and had many musical influences. His grandmother loved Gospel music, while his mother liked Rock ‘n’ Roll. His father preferred Blues and Jazz, and his uncle preferred Country music. Surprisingly, Garry started playing the guitar only when he was 17. Garry bought his first guitar for his brother. It had been sitting around for years before he decided to take up guitar lessons. He called a teacher, made an appointment and boarded a bus. He realized that he knew what he wanted to do for his life. Goin was introduced to classical music at Case Western University’s Settlement House. This helped him refine his ability in arrangement and theory. He developed a passion for jazz guitar and the many improvisational possibilities it offered. He also discovered a greater appreciation for jazz guitar and the improvisational opportunities it offered. He learned his craft by playing with groups that included everyone from Roy Clarke to Earth Wind to Jimi Hendrix.

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