Georg Graewe (gräwe)

Georg Graewe, a German pianist and composer with an exquisite technique, has collaborated with many of the most prominent performers in avant-garde, contemporary and improvised jazz from around the globe, including Mats Gustafsson (Sweden), Evan Parker (Britain), Gerry Hemingway (USA), Ernst Reijseger (Netherlands) and Sebi Tramontana (Italy). Graewe was born in 1956 in Bochum. He started playing guitar in local bands as a teenager. He became interested in jazz and formed the Georg-Grawe Quintet in 1974. He has been a leader of groups that range from trios to chamber orchestras. For 11 years, starting in 1982, Graewe directed the ten-piece chamber ensemble, GrubenKlangOrchester, which included such extraordinary musicians as Franz Koglmann and Theo Jorgensmann. He has been touring Europe and the United States with a trio that he formed with Gerry Hemingway, Ernst Reijseger and himself since 1989. The first album was released by the HatArt label in 1989. It was followed by Music releases in the following years.

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