Gerald Albright

Gerald Albright, a native Californian, grew up in South Central Los Angeles. He attended high school and then went to the University of Redlands, where he earned a B.S. He received a B.S. in Business Management with a minor in Music. Albright started to learn his craft immediately after graduating from college. He worked extensively in the studio alongside artists such as Anita Baker, Ray Parker, Jr., Lola Folana, Atlantic Starr, Ray Parker, Jr., Lola Folana, Lola Folana, Lola Folana, Lola Folana, Lola Folana, Lola Folan, Ray Parker, Jr., Lola Folana, Lola Folana, Lola Folana, The Winans, Olivia Newton-John, The Temptations, The Temptations, Maurice White, and Olivia Newton-John, The Temptations, Temptations, Temptations, Temptations, Maurice White Along with Rodney Franklin and Teena Marie, Jeff Lorber and Marlene Shaw, Debra u0026 Eloise Laws and Quincy Jones, Whitney Houston and Phil Collins, he also toured. Albright was a regular at jazz festivals and clubs, as well as being a part the Jazz Explosion tours. This saw him join forces with jazz stars such Hugh Masekela and Chaka Khan, Rachelle Ferrell, and Jonathan Butler. His already impressive resume has been enhanced by Gerald Albright’s addition as a TV Star. He has been featured on many shows including “A Different World”, “Melrose Place,” Channels 2 u0026 5, “Morning News Shows,” Channels 2 u0026 5 “Morning News Shows,” BET jazz segments, and he also starred in a piloted show in Las Vegas with Meshach Taylor (Designing Women). Albright’s modern and straight-ahead designs have made him one of the most well-known artists in Los Angeles. Albright was among the ten featured jazz saxophonists at President Clinton’s Inauguration. Albright was also featured at President Clinton’s Presidential Summit. He was also invited to several private functions. Albright has sold more than 1,000,000 albums in the United States alone. Albright’s own music includes him as a bass guitarist, keyboards, flutes and drum programming. Gerald is known as the “musician’s musician”. Glynis Albright, his junior high sweetheart, is his wife. They have two children, Selina (and Brandon). He believes in giving back. He has been involved in many fund-raising events for The NAACP, The American Cancer Society and The Institute for Black Parenting. He is a member Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity and donates his talents to help raise funds for academic excellence across the country. Albright is a master of both straight-ahead and contemporary jazz. Albright is well-known for his speed on stage and his distinctive round sound, which is both percussive and soulful. His ability to surprise his audience with something new is unmatched. Albright delivers the show that his audience wants – a great show. Albright was born in Los Angeles and began piano lessons as a child. Albright’s love for music grew significantly when he was gifted a saxophone by his piano teacher. He was also encouraged to attend Locke High School, which was a popular school for West Coast musicians. His peers included Patrice Rushen, Ndugu, and Ndugu. Albright was already a skilled saxophonist when he entered the University of Redlands. He switched to bass guitar shortly after seeing Louis Johnson perform live. Gerald also joined Patrice Rushen who was forming her own band in which he played the piano. Albright took over the bass guitar duties of the bass player who left during a tour. Albright continued to perform on both the bass and guitar from that point on. Albright quickly made a name for itself as a sideman with great musicianship and insight. He played on many albums by a variety of artists, including Ray Parker, Anita Baker and Lola Folana. He also toured extensively in support of Rodney Franklin and Teena Marie. Albright, who has 15 CDs and one collaboration CD under his belt, has clearly earned his place in music as a producer, player, and songwriter. from

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