Gerald Gradwohl

Birthday: 15.04.1967. It is clear that Gerald Gradwohl, one of Austria’s most popular musicians, is a part of the Austrian live and studio scene. After growing up in Hardrock and Rock music, Gradwohl changed his musical style and began studying guitar at the Conservatory Vienna. He was awarded first-class honors. He is available to hire for live gigs or studio sessions. However, he has been hired by Austrian Stars in Rock to Jazz (Juci Camaa and Sandra Pires), Viktor Gernot, Hallucination Company and Alex Gobel, as well as international Greats such as the grammy-nominated, multiple-time instrumental music pioneers TANGERINE DREAM. His guitar playing is extraordinary. Listen to Tangerine Dream’s work on “Tyranny of Beauty” and “Goblin’s Club”, both international instrumental chartbreakers. He also teaches Jazz and electric guitar in the Joseph Haydn Conservatory Eisenstadt/Austria and records and produces his own Fusion Trio. 1996 Gerald recorded a live album with his band THREEO, featuring Chick Corea and Mike Stern . on the tenor sax. This CD, a dynamic and virtuoso recording, was made during a European Tour 1996. It won best Jazz album 1998 in Austria. With THREEO G.Gradwohl, he played festivals and clubs all over the globe (Montreal, London. Wiesen. Leverkusen ,….).). 2000 GG was awarded an Austrian Government award for his instrumental music work. 2001, he started a project called “the powergrade”, which featured his funky playing of the guitar and included rock and technobeats. The CD was released in June 2001 to great reviews! 2002, he performed at one of Europe’s most important Jazzfestivals (Jazzfest Wiesen), and toured throughout Austria and Germany. G.G. Records in Santa Fe/USA, November 2002 with his favorite musicians: Bob Berg and Gary Willis. Released on Universal Music in Fall 2003! This record was his first major release in the international Jazz and Fusion music scene. In 2003 and 2004, he was praised by the critics and went on a tour of Austria, Jazzfestival Wiesen (Tribal Tech) with Kirk Covington(Tribal Tech), on drums. Mexico Tour 2005 with the Peter Natterer Quintet. TANGERINE DREAM is back on stage in 2006 GG appears on the 2006 Tangerine Dream Live DVD –Live at Tempodrom, and,,Orange Odyssey”.(2007). Gerald released “Tritone Barrier” via ESC Records in Mai 2007. This record features JoJo Lackner-bs, F. Al-Shami, dr) but also includes great guest appearances from Scott Henderson, Kirk Covington and Hubert Tubbs. In 2007 and 2008, the GG Trio toured extensively. They made two trips to Romania (one for the legendary Stufstock festival 2008). Sally Beth Roe was recorded live in the studio, and released worldwide in Fall 2009. This is how fusion music would sound if it were produced by ZZ Top. This is jazz-rock boogie at its best. This trio does not allow wine drinking. It’s all about beer.” (aus 2012 Gerald joined the “Dancing Stars Orchestra”, a great live band from the ORF TV series” Dancing Stars. The GG Group was revived in 2012. Their European tour in June resulted in the release of “Big Land”, with Kirk Covington – dr. Thomas Kugi – sax, Harald Weinkum – bs. GG produced a high-energy fusion album. This is a typical organic conglomerate from Rock, Jazz, and Funk. The music rises from short composition patterns that lead to long improvisational excursions that shape the tune. 2014 saw the Gradwohl/Covington Group tour Europe. Kirk Covington – dr., Adam Nitti (bs) and Thomas Kugi (sax). 2015 GG began working with his current line-up Jojo Lackner and Harry Tanschek – this leads to the release of his new album, “Raw”, in October 2016. RAW (2016), a critically acclaimed masterpiece for Jazz and Rock music, is his first release with his current group. The band continues to tour and will release the new album, “Episode 6”, in April 2021.

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