Gialma 3

Gialma 3 was a Turin trio, whose name is derived from the initials the original three members. They played jazz with brazilian influences. The line-up of the second album changed with Riccardo Zegna (ex-Corte dei Miracoli keyboardist), but the musical style remained the same as the first, with instrumental-only compositions, large amounts of upright bass and heavy use of piano. Their first two albums were similar. However, their third album saw the addition of Piero Cotto, a drummer from Piero e-i Cottonfields. His musical style is closer to that of the artist’s. The original line-up was reunited around 1990 under the name Gialma to record an album with the identical title. Camarca, the original guitarist, released in 1970 a bossa-style album called Samba do amigo (American Records MRLP 001), under the name Giulio Camarca

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