Gianluca Chiarini

Gianluca Chiarini’s debut album was created from irregular rhythms that are typically Mediterranean and thriving in traditional jazz environments. After years of meticulous arrangement and formal gestation, it was finally able to achieve its stylistic unity. The listener will be pulled into a continuous loss and recovery of identity by rhythmic streams. However, they can still cling to european harmonic shades and Afro-American expressive intent. Tony Scott, a saxophone player and clarinet player, has already spoken highly of the band leader’s compositions and solos. This was in the 90’s at a workshop in Mogliano Veneto, Treviso, Italy. As a preview of Barga Jazz Contest 2011, JAZZSEVEN presented a selection of picee. It received a gretta approval from the audience and positive judgment by Bruno Tommaso and Pietro Tonolo, both renowned jazz musicians. Gianluca Chiarini’s TETRA Q-ARTET has double synchronic, or alternated units. Timbres can be used to perform an instrumental function in dialog with saxophones, or a double harmony between guitar and bass (sometimes el). Drums that are strictly related to percussions may be bass, sometimes acoustic. from

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