Gilles Torrent

His musical style is directly tied to the ideas of artists such as Miles Davis, Archie Shepp and John Coltrane in the 1960’s. Torrent was able to understand their amazing innovations by deepening his understanding of the melodic-harmonic pathways of their music. This required the development of a musical intelligence that allowed the saxophonist full coherence and avoided copying. The fundamental interest in Torrent is the use of traditional structures to create logical harmonic ways of doing things. This type of development gave Torrent a new dimension in his interpretation and improvisation. Torrent’s composition process is a combination of meditation and musical theory. The saxophonist selects musicians for their creativity and their ability to improvise. Next, they choose them for their ability to add the right stylistic colour to music. Finally, their creativeness in bringing the ensemble playing to high intensities, while maintaining coherence throughout the free sequences. from

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