Giovanni Guidi

Giovanni Guidi was born in Foligno in Italy in 1985. He first became interested in music when he was three years old. He began studying piano at the age of twelve. Enrico Rava noticed him during his summer masterclasses at Siena. He later asked him to join Rava Under 21 and then Rava New Generation. Guidi was part of this newer incarnation when he appeared on a bonus CD distributed nationally by “L’Espresso.” Guidi has appeared at a variety of important festivals including Umbria Jazz and Villa Celimontana Jazz Festivals, Ubi Jazz Festivals, Vicenza New Conversations, Umbria Jazz Balkanic Windows. Zurich Nu Jazz. Fandango Jazz Festival. Stavanger Mai Jazz. Vigo Jazz Festival. North Sea Jazz Festival. He was an artist-in residence at Umbria Jazz 2006. He performed ten nights consecutively to a very enthusiastic audience. Guidi’s quartet features three young jazz musicians, American Dan Kinzelman on woodwinds and Stefano Senni, on bass. Joao Lobo is the drummer. Guidi’s original compositions are performed by the quartet, which is heavily influenced by popular music but has very unique harmonic structures and is characterized by a deep melodic sense. The quartet also performs original compositions by Guidi, Hampton Hawes and Radiohead, as well as new versions. VENUS, a Japanese record label, released a CD by the Giovanni Guidi Trio. The CD “Tomorrow Never Knows”, received five stars in a review by “Swing Journal.” CAM JAZZ released the CD “Indian Summer” in February 2007. Giovanni Guidi was named “Best New Talent” in a poll called “TOP JAZZ 2007” which was conducted annually by Italian magazine “Musica Jazz”. The jury included 58 journalists and critics. His album “The House Behind This One” was released in 2008. His third CD, “The House Behind This One”, was released in 2008. It marks his first time directing a larger group. It is a record that displays a remarkable intensity. The young Foligno pianist successfully balances moments of pronounced lyrics with influences from free jazz. from

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