Glenn Crytzer

Glenn Crytzer, a New York City-based musician, arranger, composer and guitarist, is passionate about the music of the Jazz Age, Swing Era, and is also a vocalist. Glenn began to learn the Lindy Hop while completing his classical composition and cello training at the Florida State University and the Cleveland Institute of Music. His love for early jazz grew through the Lindy, but he was disappointed that so few groups were able to perform it authentically. Glenn put his musical skills to good use and learned to play the banjo and guitar. He then began to bring to life the music that he loved. Glenn, now in his 30s, is a well-known jazz musician and bandleader in New York City. Glenn has recorded 8 albums with his combos and big band, and many of his recordings have been used in TV and film shows that attempt to recreate the sounds of the golden age radio. His big band won the NYC Jazz Awards 2017 Best Group in New York. From

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