Goldbug began as a collaboration between Base3_ colleagues Tim Motzer and Barry Meehan (guitar). It was then created after a chance jam session with Eric Slick (drums) and in-between sessions of the Adrian Belew power trio. After an FX-laden, impressionistic introduction, The Departure kicks off the album album. Slick’s speedy drumming creates a rhythmic static that is periodically interrupted by Barry Meehan’s aggressive quicksilver basses. Motzer isn’t just a solo player, but smears luminescent notes against the rhythmic fields created by his co-workers. We have space-jazz that is constantly percolating, with the radiant arcs from solos, notes colliding via irregular orbits and intriguing clusters of intense interplay. Travis’s tenor suddenly enters and starts raking the coals, adding his own spark to the mix. Sid Smith (UK) – Stirring stuff Sid Smith

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