Gorilla Mask

GORILLA MASK delivers ground-shaking grooves, hammering beats and wailing tunes, all layered with explosive no holds-barredimprovisations. You’ll be sucked in by their soundscapes in four or five dimensions. They will wreak havoc on your brain and jolt you with their music. This is the energy of an able trio of musicians who are aware of what they want and how to achieve it. Canadian ex-pat Peter Van Huffel plays saxophone out of Coltrane and Ayler, but he frames them in the context of a trio that has hard rock dynamics. He rides the churning bass of Roland Fidezius and Rudi Fischerlehner’s pulsating drum set like a surfer riding the largest wave he’s ever seen. GORILLA MASK is a product of a hyper-intelligent, constantly active hive-mind made up of three virtuosos. Their music is a mix of punk, rock, and metal influences, rooted in jazz and free-improvisation as well as the modern avant-garde. The band’s identity is a combination of many styles. This is 21st century music that’s bold and audacious. It has many influences and tendencies. from https://gorillamaskmusic.com

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