Gordon “Gordo”, Bennett, Guitarist, Synth Guitarist, Bass Guitarist, Composer, Producer. At the age of 10, Gordon “Gordo”, Bennett, an American guitarist and song writer, bought his first guitar, a $15 acoustic. After much pleading, his mom finally purchased it. “Thanks Mom!” Gord was 16 when he got his first electric guitar. Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull and Genesis were some of the influences that influenced Gord. Gord was immersed in the music of that era. In his twenties, Gordo was able to discover bands such as Return To Forever and Mahavishnu Orchestra. He also discovered King Crimson, Frank Zappa, and that set Gordo on the musical path that he continues on. Playing guitar for over 45 years and playing in many progressive and rock bands throughout the years. Gordo became interested in electronic music, synth guitar, midi and audio recording, and music production. Gordo has produced and recorded many albums over the years, including Electronic New Age and Acoustic New Age. There are also Rock and Progressive Rock Albums in various stages of production that will be released soon. Gordo is influenced by Robert Fripp and John McLaughlin as well as Frank Zappa and Alex Lifeson. All of these influences have pushed him towards guitar synthesis. 2014-2015 was a crucial year for Gordo’s musical identity, his musical niche and his fitting into it. He went back to his roots to find what he loved and wanted to do. Then he began to compose and record music without any boundaries. He says, “I find solace in writing music.” “It defines me for who and what I am.” His love for classical music has led him to incorporate symphonic music and classical music into his writing. All of this led Gordo to the recording and writing of his latest album, “Fun In OuterSpace”, which was released in June 2015. All of the music on this album was composed by Gordo.

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