Gregg Bissonette

Gregg Bissonette is a well-known drummer, with his wide experience in big band, blues and rock to Latin, fusion and many other genres. Gregg is a warm and down-to-earth drummer who has earned a reputation for being a friendly, casual performer. Gregg’s witty sense of humor is evident whether Gregg is recording or teaching at a drum school. Gregg is a great colleague, session artist and respected name in the music business. He has a perfect balance of professionalism, hard work ethic, and humor. From a long line of talented musicians, the Detroit native is no stranger to music. Gregg’s father Bud was a drummer, and his mother Phyllis was a pianist and vibes player. Gregg began playing drums at the age of five. Matt, his brother, is a producer and bassist. Kathy, their sister works in concert promotion in Los Angeles. Gregg was first taught by his dad. At age 10, Gregg began private rudimental drum lessons with Bob Yarborough (a local teacher from Warren, Michigan). Gregg was already learning to read drum set music from Bob by the age of 11. Gregg began taking private lessons with Jim Ruffner on the trumpet. Gregg was proficient in both instruments and would switch between the trumpet and drums with the Warren Michigan Wildwood Elementary school Band. Gregg and Matt, their brother, started Today’s People at 14 after being inspired by the performances of their junior high jazz band/jazz band while attending school. Their teacher was Jerry Hasspatcher, an expert drummer. Gregg started taking drum set lessons with Myron MacDonald, a popular Detroit drummer. Gregg was 15 when he won a scholarship to the Interlochen School of Music’s summer band program. Gregg and Matt began performing in Detroit as professionals by this time. Their dad named the band The Buddy Blair Band after him. Buddy’s band was named Buddy Bissonette and His Bouncing Bulgarian Bean Band when he was a young man. Gregg was soon the drummer for the Warren Mott High School jazz band under Bill Baker. Gregg was recommended by Bill and got to perform with many local professional bands, including The Brookside Jazz Band, The Austin/Moro Band and Concertjazz, a progressive big band. Gregg and Matt founded Grand Circus Park the following year. It was named after a Detroit park. The band was made up of their high school friends, Brian Biggs on guitar and Doug Burns on vocals. Sante Bologna played keyboards, Rick Kastruba played trumpet, Burt Snover played trombone, Eric Kott played saxophone, and Rick Snover played trombone. Grand Circus Park was founded as a band that played mainly tunes from Chicago (formerly Chicago Transit Authority). Even the exact same instrumentation was used by the band! Their original name was Chicago 2, but they changed it after realizing that more creativity was required. Gregg moved to North Texas State University (now University of North Texas) after high school. He was the drummer of the famous NTSU One O’Clock Big Band. Gregg recorded two albums under Leon Breeden’s direction, Lab 80 and Lab 81. He was a member of one his favorite R

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