Grete Skarpeid

Grete Skarpeid was always close to music. In Norway, she spent most of her childhood singing, playing the piano, and listening to records. She began singing solo after joining a choir. She has been inspired musically by Joni Mitchell and James Taylor, Maria Joan, and other great classical composers, whose music she has listened to a lot over the years. Grete has always been fascinated by jazz’s improvisational qualities and its unorthodox rhythmic flows and harmonic explorations, especially after two years of being a member of the Freiburg jazz choir in Germany. Grete received her Masters in Music Therapy and has remained a speech therapist in Voss since then. She also has family obligations, including running an active women’s choir, and performing solo and with other musicians such as Frode Fjellheim’s Biejjien vuelie. It’s strange how life works! Sometimes, there is something new and refreshing around every corner. She was inspired and encouraged by her friendship with Aruan Ortiz, a jazz pianist, to continue her efforts. This is her first album. From

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