Guilherme Dias Gomes

Guilherme Dias Gomes, musician and composer, is releasing Leste, a new album that was inspired by the rhythm and music of Brazil’s east coast. It features Maracatu and Baiao, Samba and Bossa Nova as well as sophisticated ballads, and even some Blues. Guilherme has a completely new experience with the album. He does all of the manufacturing, distribution, and album cover. Guilherme has been working at TV Globo since 1991 as a music producer. He signed scores for numerous soap operas and series. In 2015, Guilherme decided to take a new path and leave Rede Globo to focus on what he loves most: being a composer and musician. The CD Leste is his first album, with 9 of his songs. Guilherme Emmer Dias Gomes, a son of Dias Gomes (a famous Brazilian writer) was born in Rio de Janeiro. He is a musician, composer, and music producer. At the age of six, he began studying piano and at thirteen, he started playing trumpet. He graduated from UNIRIO, a public university in Rio de Janeiro in 1974 as a Music Teacher. He continued his studies at Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA, between 1978 and 1979. from

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