Guillermo Nojechowicz

A world without borders is more possible today thanks to NAFTA and EU. Musicians have been ignoring cultural and political barriers since time immemorial to learn, borrow, and assimilate. Guillermo Nojechowicz, an Argentine-born composer, arranger, and drummer (pronounced “noh-hay-choh-wees”), was raised with a constant diet of tango and Argentine folk dancings such as the chacarera, zamba, and gato. He was also fed a regular diet of tango and Argentine folk music, from his early childhood through to the annual Afro-Uruguayan summer feasts. “The jazz elements in that music opened my eyes to jazz,” Nojechowicz said. He attended the Berklee School in 80 and gained a better understanding of harmony and arranging. This experience helped him develop a style of drumming that is both powerful and relaxed, with a light touch on the top and a bit darker on the bottom-the perfect complement to his sombre charts. His current band El Eco was formed in 1987. It has had the same lineup since its inception: pianist Helio Alves and bassist Fernando Huergo. Kim Nazarian joined them recently. Nojechowicz, a Boston-based musician, manages to combine all his musical influences into an easily digestible mix. This is evident on his new CD Two Worlds (Dreambox Media). This album is a deeply personal reflection on a musical identity that was divided between Argentina’s native culture and America. Nojechowicz states that this music allows him to make peace with his two worlds. It is the struggle of being an immigrant away from my homeland, which was in such turmoil in 1980 when I left. I wanted the music to have something of the essence of Argentina, but, because I live here now, I wanted to likewise get away from it.” from

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