Gulf(h) Of Berlin

This city is home to many things. GULF Of Berlin gives this unique mix a name – they draw on the African-American traditions of jazz modernity and allow for free play, energy and a lot of the undefined to collide. The strict concept of the band is 100 percent improvised. Only the hard-practiced compositions can be heard on the floor. This is great art, brought together with ease. Michael Haves is the person who refines the GULFstream with the flair and skill of a producer. He adds electronic flair to the mix, which he does without altering the playful and compositional flow. The electro/acoustic Soundresearch Project – featuring analog live electronics by Berliner Michael Haves to be released on ESP Disk, fall 2020. The musical concept of GULF Berlin: This quartet is a Berlin-based, freely improvising group. The band is an amalgamation of avant-garde, jazz tradition and free jazz. It has since developed a unique sound that is primarily based in melodic and rhythmic transparency. Multi-instrumentation is a stylistic device; the musical focus of the quartet is a compositional demand on the music through improvisation. This is compositional improvisation andimprovisational composing in the highest sense of post-free Jazz. from

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