This renowned ensemble’s history dates back to 1970. The ensemble’s history dates back to 1970. Gunesh was always in the process for reform and was the first to combine the similar principles, jazz improvisation and melodious improvisation on traditional Mugams. These arrangements were unexpectedly stunning and polyrhythmic compositions of odd measure appeared. The ensemble was awarded a prize at the Moscow competition With a Song on the Life’ in 1977. In 1980, the Festival Spring Rhythms’ in Tbilisi named Rishad Shafi the festival’s best drummer and Stanislav Morozov the festival’s best saxophonist. The group’s first album, ‘Melodiya,’ was released in the same year. It featured traditional jazz-rock arrangements of songs. Four years later, ‘Looking at Earth’ was released by ‘Melodiya. This disc is more in keeping with the group’s style. The CDs ‘Rishad Shahi presents ‘Gunesh’ contain compositions that were recorded at different times. These versions were made possible by ‘Melodiya, who released these CDs by the Boheme music’ Company. The All-Union Competition of Pop Music and Songs, Yerevan (1981), and the international competition Asia Dausy in Alma Ata (1988) awarded ‘Gunesh’ the prize. It has toured the countries of Eastern Europe,Mongolia,Laos,Vietnam,China,Afghanistan,Turkey,Senegal, Mozambique,Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde Islands. Visit

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