Gunga Galunga

Gunga Galunga was first created by Tom “Euge”, Goicoechea, drummer. Euge sometimes books gigs under his name, but keep an eye out for future “Euge-tet” incarnations. The group met up to perform a gig at the Camellia Lounge’s jazz sandbox. They were so excited by the response from the audience and the bandstand that they decided to keep going as a traditional band. The band performs material that reflects its circumstances. They use a mixture of old songs and new ideas. The group’s spontaneous development and creation is a testament to the spirit of PJCE Records, which aims to promote collaboration and experimentation in local jazz and creative music scenes through their monthly releases. The material is more varied than its members’ backgrounds, stylistically speaking. “Jackson Hole”, “Rainy Day, Sunny Heart”, and “Jackson Hole” beautifully capture the pop sensibilities and sophistication of Tom Barber, trumpeter and composer. Willie Matheis’s dark and compelling vignettes “Starbird” u0026 “Portrait in Tears”, are both by the tenor Willie Matheis. “The Black Monk”, “How The Moon Broke” show guitarist Dan Duval’s interest and free improvisation as well as rich harmonic exploration in modern jazz. The Red C, by Euge, is where the most authentic punk rock explosions can be found. No matter what happens, bassist Jon Shaw makes sure that everything stays on the rails. It is as accessible and engaging as it sounds. This, to me, seems very accessible and engaging. Gunga Galunga Records and PJCE Records have created a space for jazz music in this city. Come celebrate that with us at the CD Release Show on February 8, 2008! from

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