Gustavo Cortiñas

Gustavo is a graduate of Loyola University New Orleans’ BM Jazz, Minor In Philosophy, Magna cum Laude, 2011, and Northwestern University’s MM Jazz, June 2013, 2013. He has recorded and performed with many outstanding musicians and ensembles from the USA, Puerto Rico and Mexico. His playing is marked by the lively rhythm section interaction, swing and keen focus upon melodic development – result of his discussions and interactions with his teachers Johnny Vidacovich and Wayne Maureau. He also has a deep understanding of the Latin-American musical tradition and jazz tradition. His latest album “Snapshot”, released in June 2013, features Victor Goines, the clarinetist extraordinaire at Lincoln Center, and Von Freeman’s Mike Allemana (guitar), Justin Copeland and Roy McGrath (tenor and alt sax respectively), and Kitt Lyles (upright basse). Gustavo composed all of the original songs. Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola NYC, Chicago Jazz Festival and Billy Strayhorn Festival 2012. Camp of the Woods NY. Festival de Jazz de la Escuela Superior de Musica Mexico City. The Green Mill Cocktail Lounge Chicago. Andy’s Jazz Club Chicago. Kitt Lyles (upright bass). All original compositions by Gustavo. These include performances with the Gustavo Cortinas Snapshot and Victor Goines. Gustavo was born in Mexico City to Leon Cortinas, Gabriela Fouilloux and learned from Santiago Fortson. He enrolled at Centro de Investigacion y Estudios de la Musica where he studied music under Rodrigo Jimenez. Later, he would take lessons from Hernan Hecht in Mexico City. He received a Loyola University scholarship in 2007 and moved to New Orleans to complete a BM degree in Jazz Studies. He also completed a minor in philosophy. He graduated Magna Cum laude 2011 He had the chance to study with Wayne Maureau and Johnny Vidacovich in NOLA. He also had the opportunity to play with some of the city’s most skilled players and interact with locals, including his long-standing friendship with Roy McGrath (saxophonist with whom he has been performing since 2009) and was featured on McGrath’s last album “Long Shot”. Another result of his musical ventures was the birth of the Collective Vision Sextet. It released its record in 2010. Gustavo received the Gerry and Franca Muligan Foundation Scholarship in 2010. The Rev. John M. Krump Endowed scholarship, he has been studying a Master of Music, Jazz Studies, at Northwestern University under Willie Jones III. He performs locally in Chicago with various groups, as well as with some of the finest musicians of the city, including performances with Victor Goines’ Sextet. Gustavo, who left Mexico in 2009, has maintained contact with the music industry, booking regular tours with his bands as well as with others. This led to ongoing relationships with Luri Molina and Aaron Cruz, guitarists Marco Duran and Aaron Cruz. These musical ventures resulted in the release of Marco Duran’s album “El Camino”, featuring Jaime De La Parra on bass and Silberen’s “Dibujando” (2011) and Nobajoq’s “Marchante” (2008). CDBaby

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