Haberecht 4

There are no standard jazz bands that end in “quartet”, even though it is a traditional form of a band with piano, bass and percussion. Only HABERECHT 4 is the correct choice. Kerstin is not needed. It is not clear whether Kerstin is a woman or man. The alto and soprano jazz saxophonist believes that such an action would be distracting from the essential. I don’t want people to see the group only from this perspective. I prefer to be judged solely by my music. Let the sounds speak for themselves! The 28-year-old front woman has composed nine songs that tell more about the extraordinary saxophonist then a thousand words. Songs like “Schone Stille. stille Schone”, “Boxstunde”, “In Freedom Of The Fearless Mind”, “Unforgettable Colors”, “Unforgettable Colors”, and “The Machine” are songs that represent Kerstin Haberecht’s musical essence. This rare and exceptional musician is now on a major stage thanks to Jazz thing Next Generation. It’s quite right. After this recording, anyone who has not heard of me will be able to identify myself. She is a musician who removes the weight of academic training and tradition in a pleasant, unpretentious way and follows her instincts. She is a musician who is guided by ambiance but she is also very intelligent and knows how to tell stories with her horn. “Schlafloser Februar” tells such a story. She expresses her feelings between the bars and where a series of quick thoughts destroys the desired sleep. Kerstin Haberecht (piano, Fender Rhodes), Bastian Winig (bass), and Mathis Grossmann on drums, only focus on the essentials. There is no need to play too many notes, there are no frills or decorations and no feigned muscle games. The band acts as though it is made from one mold. All are responsible for the design of the dramaturgical structures. It slowly becomes a complex, powerful, and sophisticated conglomerate of rhythms, melodies, surprising twists, turns, moods, and an amazing willingness to take chances. Although she is the most accomplished among equals, she insists on communication with fellow musicians and their equality. However, Kerstin Haberecht outshines the entire performance on her debut CD with her at times softly flowing, even gnarled dabbling sound, at times questioning in a melancholic manner, and at times nervously rough and enormously changeable from www.challengerecords.com

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