Hadar Noiberg

Hadar Noiberg is an ASCAP Award-winning composer and flutist. She is also a pioneer in the field of gay female musicians and bandleaders in today’s changing world. Hadar’s diverse musical experience and background has allowed her to develop her own unique style that combines all of these influences. She has been touring the world with her extraordinary trio since 2010, in the USA, Canada, Brazil and Europe. She is now about to release her third album as a bandleader. Open Fields is a result of Hadar’s Israeli roots and her global influences. Hadar calls them “songs” for their unique style and melodic instrumental pieces. Eduardo Belo plays double bass and Amir Bar-Akiva plays the drums. Chano Dominguez, a world-renowned pianist, is special guest. Noiberg and Dominguez have also started a duo that shares their musical languages and creates a new way for the different musical traditions of the mediterranean. Noiberg is determined to create a unique musical experience after working with stars such as Omer Avital, Anat Cohen and Dave Valentin. Hadar has made great strides since she moved to NY at 21. She has established herself as a leader in jazz and world music in NY and around the globe. Her spirit and artistry take people on a journey to find their inner self, bringing healing and joy. from http://hadarnoiberg.com

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