Håkan Broström

Hakan Brostrom began his musical journey in small Swedish town Motala, where he played piano. He was 15 years old when he bought a tenor-saxophone to join a local band. Since then, he has played saxophones in all sizes, but he made the alto and soprano his main instruments. He is also a flute player in Big Bands. Helge Albin was his teacher at the College of Music Malmo as an alto saxophonist and composer. Helge also founded the Tolvan Big Band. Hakan also co-founded Equinox with Tomas Franck, tenor saxophonist. Hakan settled in Stockholm in 1984 and quickly established himself as one the most prominent saxophonists in the city. He played with many groups, including those of trumpeter Gustavo Bergalli and trombonist Eje thelin. He was also a member the Swedish Radio Jazz Group and the Stockholm Jazz Orchestra. Hakan was a member of the Norrbotten Big Band in 1993. He is the leader of the alto and soprano saxophone sections, and also a prominent soloist. He also contributes to arrangements and composition. Hakan Brostrom was the first alto and soprano soloists in the orchestra’s 2011 season. He also holds the title of rehersal leader. He also takes part in planning next year’s artistic work. He is a key link between the orchestra’s guest artists and him. Hakan Brostrom can be heard in his New places orchestra. He has collaborated with Viktoria tolstoy and Fredrika Stahl. from www.hakanbrostrom.com

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