Haley Reinhart

Reinhart is originally from Chicago. She was raised in a musical family that loved rock-and-roll and jazz. She began performing onstage with her parents’ rock band Midnight in her childhood. Reinhart says that her golden birthday on September 9, 1999, is a memorable memory. My parents were at a tattoo convention, where there were many tough-looking people and biker men. I was encouraged to join them in singing a LeAnn Rimes song. My hair was done in Princess Leia buns. Once I began singing, it became so quiet that the tattoo machines all started to go off. Everyone was listening to my voice. It was overwhelming. I cried, but it was happy tears. Reinhart sang with Midnight and joined a high-school jazz band, which allowed her to perform at major European jazz festivals as a teenager. After studying jazz at college, Reinhart was awarded a spot on American Idol’s 10th season. She finished in third place. Reinhart’s full-length debut was made with Listen Up!, a 2012 Interscope Records album that debuted at #17 on Billboard 200. Reinhart’s 2015 debut with Listen Up! was a landmark year. Reinhart also released “Can’t Help But Fall in Love”, a song that is part of her 2016 album Better. Reinhart’s stunning rendition was chosen to be the soundtrack to “The Story of Sarah and Juan”, an Extra Gum commercial. It reached #1 on Spotify’s global viral charts in 2015. The song has amassed more than 57 million streams. That same year, Reinhart began collaborating and touring with YouTube sensation Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox, offering up jazz/ragtime/swing-inspired updates of songs like Radiohead’s “Creep” and The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army.” To date, Reinhart’s Postmodern Jukebox contributions have garnered more than 112 million views on YouTube. from www.haleyreinhart.com

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