Hamid Drake

Hamid Drake was widely recognized as one of the most outstanding percussionists in improvised musical music by the end of the 1990s. Drake incorporates Afro-Cuban, Indian and African percussion instruments as well as the standard trap set. He has also collaborated extensively with Fred Anderson, Ken Vandermark and Peter Brotzmann who are all top free jazz improvisers. Drake was born in Monroe in Louisiana in 1955 and moved to Chicago with his family. Drake ended up learning drum lessons from Fred Anderson’s son and eventually took over Anderson’s role of percussionist. Fred Anderson introduced Drake to George Lewis, and other AACM members. Drake has also performed world music. In the late 1970s, Drake was part of Foday Muso So’s Mandingo Griot Society and had previously played reggae. Drake was a member of Night on Earth’s Latin jazz band, the Georg Graewe Quartet and the DKV Trio. He also played with Peter Brotzmann‚Äôs Chicago Octet/Tentet and Liof Munimula. This is Chicago’s oldest free improvising group. Drake has worked with Don Cherry, Pharoah Bernie, Fred Anderson, Mahmoud Gana, and William Parker in a variety of lineups. He has also performed semi-annual solstice celebrations with Michael Zerang, a Chicago percussionist, since 1991. The Okkadisk Chicago label is the best place to find Hamid Drake’s recorded material. From www.drummerworld.com

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