Hamilton De Holanda

Hamilton de Holanda, who had played with Zelia Duncan and Marco Pereira, Marcos Ariel and Rosa Passos among others, was a prodigy child. He demonstrated his incredible talent as a choro mandolin player. He also teaches mandolin in the Escola De Choro Raphael Rabello and at the University of Brasilia. De Holanda, who moved with his family to Brasilia when he was one, was given a mandolin from his grandfather at age five. Hamilton de Holanda was raised by his father, Fernando Cesar de Holanda (violao), who was a choroviolonista (acoustic guitarist). They began sharing their experiences with Brasilia’s choro musicians when they were young. The two soon became proficient enough to form a duo called Dois de Ouro (Pernambuco do Pandeiro). Hamilton de Holanda was still a child when he studied violin at the Escola de Muzica de Brasilia. He was named best interpreter at the II Choro Festival in Rio de Janeiro State in 1995. His choro “Destrocando a Macaxeira”, won second place in the same festival. He was third in the I Premio Visa de MPB Instrumental 1998. He recorded two albums with Dois de Ouro: one with Marco Pereira (violonista), and one solo. He performed at the Free Jazz Festival in 2000 and the following year in the Brasileirinho Project at the CCBB. Allmusic

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