Hanna Paulsberg

Hanna Paulsberg, a norwegian composer and norwegian saxophone player, is based in Oslo. Her main work is jazz and rythmic, improvised music. She released Waltz for Lilli in October 2012, her first album as a bandleader. After hearing Stan Getz play the saxophone and falling in love with it, she was 16 years old when she started to play. She completed a year at Toneheim Folkehogskole, in 2007. In 2007, she continued on to a bachelor’s degree in jazz at Trondheim’s Norwegian University of Science and Technology. There she studied with John Pal Inderberg and Eirik Hedgeal. Hanna founded the quartet Hanna Paulsberg Concept in 2010, her last year of her degree. They quickly became friends through their shared passion for beautiful melodies and open improvisation in set forms. The quartet won the Young Nordic Jazz Competition, Stockholm in 2011, and was given the Trondheim Jazzfest talent award. Hanna was honoured with the title NTNU – Ambassador at Jazzfest Trondheim in 2015. Musicians such as Ola Kvernberg and Hakon Kornstad have been ambassadors in the past. Paulsberg was asked to compose music for a band by the National Jazzscene in Oslo, and she agreed. Paulsberg reached out to Bobo Stenson, asking him to be a part of this project. The National Jazzscene arranged a tour of Norway for them, with a quintet consisting of Laura Jurd (british trumpeter), Hans Hulbaekmo (drummer) and Mats Eilertsen (bassist). Hanna has performed with many musicians. She often plays with the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra (TJO) and has participated on projects with Chick Corea(2016) Motorpsycho/Stale Storlokken/TSO(2010), Elin Rosseland(2010), Eirik Hegdal(2012), Marius Neset(2012), Come Shine(2015), and Skrap(2016). She was elected as Norway’s representative in The European Jazz Orchestra in 2012 and toured with the band throughout Eastern Europe. She has played with many musicians, including Bobo Stenson and Chick Corea, Bugge Yousseltoft, Jon Balke. Marilyn Mazur, Bugge Wesseltoft. Georg Riedel, Svante Thuesson. Chris Minh Doky. Jimi Tenor. Jan Eggum. Henning Sommerro. She has played and toured in Scandinavia, Madagascar and Angola, Indonesia and Greenland. from www.hannapaulsberg.com

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