Hans Dulfer

Hans Dulfer, a Dutch jazz musician, was born 28 May 1940. He plays the tenor saxophone. Hans Dulfer was a Dutch jazz musician who was born in Amsterdam on 28 May 1940. His first recording was at the age of 17. He is often called “Big boy” for his album. He and Herbert Noord (Hammond Organ) started a quartet that performed saxophone/organ-funk at the end of sixties. He’s done a lot of jazz fusion or cross-over jazz and has even collaborated with Punk rockers. “El Saxofon”, an album he recorded with Frank Wright, is his first. In Japan, Hyperbeat was the top-selling instrumental CD. He enjoys a high level of popularity. Masaaki Yuasa, a Japanese filmmaker, stated that Hans Dulfer’s music was what he listened while creating Mind Game. Hans Dulfer is the father to Candy Dulfer, a saxophonist. The two collaborated on Dulfer Dulfer. From Wikipedia

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