Hans Reichel

Reichel was born in Hagen, Germany. Reichel began learning to play the violin when he was seven years old and continued playing in the school orchestra until he was 15. He began playing the violin at age 7, and continued to play in his school orchestra until age 15. Reichel was a member of several bands before he quit music to study graphic design and become a typeetter. In the 1970s, Reichel recorded a tape with guitar music and returned to music. The recording was sent to Frankfurt’s German Jazz Festival jury, who asked Reichel to perform in a concert for newcomers. Jost Gebers (the founder of Free Music Production) helped Reichel to get his music released on the label. His first release was Wichlinghauser Blues, in 1973. Reichel’s work is mainly solo recordings. However, he also performs in small groups. Reichel recorded duets alongside a variety of musicians, including cellist Tom Cora and Rudiger Carl, as well as EROC, percussionist EROC and several guitarists like Fred Frith and Kazuhisa Uchihashi. Reichel was also part of the September Band, along with Shelley Hirsch and Rudiger Carl and drummer Paul Lovens. He also performed with larger ensembles that were led by Thomas Borgmann, a saxophonist, and Butch Morris who was an avant-garde conductor. Reichel’s music is not well-known due to FMP’s limited distribution, particularly in the United States. Some of his recordings were released in North America by smaller independent labels like Rastascan and Table of the Elements. Reichel was still featured in Bart Hopkinā€™s Gravikords, Whirlies despite his limited exposure.

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