Happy Apple

Happy Apple, a jazz trio named after a 1960s toy, was founded in Minneapolis, MN in 1996 by drummer David King and Michael Lewis. Soon after, Erik Fratzke joined the group. Although their small-combo improvisations are often called “jazz punk,” Happy Apple is a master of jazz history. Their elegant free-bop compositions feature haunting melodies and delightful moments of humor. They also have a coherent, intelligent construction. Happy Apple’s lyrical tenor playing and solid melodies by the three members lead the way. They avoid the fusion trap and still have a unique sound. While things can get fiery and intense, there’s no fear of sonic and experimental jazz, although the band maintains a strong melodic core. Happy Apple has released four albums independently: Blown Shockward (1997), Crash Flow 1998, Part of the Solution Problem 1998, Body Popping Moon Walking, Top Rocking 1999, and Please Refrain From Fronting 2001. The group’s first album commercial, Youth Oriented was released by Universal Music in 2003. Sunnyside Records distributes it in the U.S. Sunnyside Records also distributed Peace Between Our Companies in 2005. Happy Apple continues to tour regularly and uses Minneapolis as his home base. Allmusic

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