Harmen Fraanje

Harmen Fraanje, a Dutch pianist, composer, and educator is Harmen Fraanje. He co-leads and leads several projects, including his solo project, trio Reijseger Fränje Sylla. This quartet features Magic Malik and Brice Soniano, as well as Toma Gouband and Arve Henriksen. He also has a new duo with Finnish trumpet player Arve Henriksen. He also has a trio featuring Aino Peltomaa (fiddle) and Mikko Perkola (viola da gamba, and viola). These groups often perform original pieces with plenty of room for improvisation. Harmen is also a very active sideman in many projects in Europe’s jazz scene, such as the Mats Eilertsen Trio or Michael Moore’s Fragile Quartet. He performs regularly at festivals and concert venues around the globe with these projects. Reputable record labels such as ECM and Winter have released recordings of his projects.

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