Harvest Group

Guillaume Vierset, guitarist, has released its first album as the head of the LG Jazz Collective and under the Igloo Records labels. Now, Vierset will introduce the “Harvest Group”, a brand new quintet project whose debut album will be released under the AZ Productions label in June 2015. The group’s name is inspired by NeilYoung, whose iconic album was released in 1970. Guillaume’s strong love for great song writers like Neil Yong and Bob Dylan inspired him to create this opus, which he shows a new side to his music personality. Guillaume has a new style to show, one that is more personal and reflects the nostalgia and melancholy of Jazz music. For the occasion, the young guitarist-composer-arranger surrounded himself with musicians of very high calibre: Yannick Peeters on bass and Yves Peeters on drums ensure a solid rhythm, together with the excellent solist Mathieu Robert on soprano saxophone and the talented Marine Horbaczewski on cello. “Harvest” transports us into a musical universe that blends jazz, pop, and folk music. The music is well-balanced and finely tuned. from www.jazzinbelgium.com

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