Hector Rivera

Rivera, Hector, was born 26 January 1933 in Manhattan, NYC. He is of Puerto Rican descent. He died 8 January 2006. He is a highly respected Latin pianist, arranger, musician, producer, and composer. Hector Rivera, born in Manhattan, NY to Jose Rodriguez’s rumba band. He studied at NYC’s Lecompte Academy of Music and under pianist Luis Varona ’48. Eddie Forestier hired him to play the piano with his band. Elmo Garcia’s Orchestra ’51, he departed ’52 in order to start his own band Los Tubos del Mambo. This group was on the same bill as Orlando Marin’s newly formed group with pianist Eddie Palmieri. He was drafted into the US Army in ’53-5 and served a tour of duty with Korea. After his discharge, he studied composition and arranging with Gil Fuller. He also played with Moncho Lena’s band for six months and recorded ’50s music with him on A Night At The Palladium with Moncho Lena, Dance and Mas Exitos Inolvidables Volume. 3 (’55-6 recordings), on Ansonia with Mon Rivera. Rivera was able to secure a recording date with Fuller during the cha-cha cha era (in his capacity of A).

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