Henry Kaiser

Henry Kaiser, born 19 September 1952 in Oakland, California, is an American composer and guitarist. Kaiser is an integral part of the San Francisco Bay Area’s music scene. He has been recording and performing in many musical styles. Kaiser is considered to be part of the “first generation of American free improvisers.” Henry J. Kaiser, an industrialist, was his grandfather. Kaiser co-founded Metalanguage Records in 1978 with Larry Ochs (Rova Saxophone Quartet), and Greg Goodman. He recorded With Friends Like These in 1979 with Fred Frith. This collaboration lasted over 20 years. They recorded Who Needs Enemies in 1983, and With Enemies Like This, Who Needs Friends in 1987. French Frith Kaiser Thompson was formed by John French and Richard Thompson, two experimental musicians from England. The result is the eclectic album Live, Love, Larf.

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