Hermann Szobel

Hermann Szobel was/was a composer and pianist. At the age of 18 he produced and recorded a Jazz Fusion album titled “Szobel”. This demonstrated, in the words a “Down Beat”, reviewer (9 September 1976), that he had a concept and technique that was far ahead of many musicians his age. The promotional copy of the album includes a biography that states that Szobel was born in Vienna, 1958. He was a child prodigy and began classical training at six years old. He spent most of his practice time studying Chopin pieces. His bio mentions that Keith Jarrett and Martial Solal were major influences. Bill Graham, the late promoter of rock-concerts, is the nephew of Szobel. “Szobel,” features complex compositions that are comparable to Frank Zappa’s. Although the music is jazz-based, it also includes elements of rock and Western classical. The album features Szobel’s incredible piano playing ability. Other musicians featured on “Szobel”, are Michael Visceglia (bass), Bob Goldman (drums), Dave Samuels (percussion, marimba, vibraphone) and Vadim Vyadro (tenor sax and clarinet). “Szobel”, which was released on Arista Records in 1976, is now a lost record. After the release of this album, Hermann Szobel vanished from the music industry and was never heard from again. bio from Wikipedia

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