Houston Person

Houston Person maintained the rich, soulful tenor tradition of Gene Ammons in the 1990s, especially when he worked with organists. Person began piano lessons as a child and switched to tenor when he was older. He was stationed with the Army in Germany and played in various groups, including Lanny Morgan, Leo Wright, Cedar Walton, and Eddie Harris. Person gained valuable experience in Johnny Hammond’s band (1963-1966). He has been a bandleader since then, often working alongside Etta Jones. Although Houston Person recorded a duo with Ran Blake, it was a refreshing change of pace. Most of Houston Person’s playing is done in blues-oriented organ bands. His Muse albums have been consistently outstanding. He eventually switched to HighNote Records in 2006 for You Taught My Heart to Sing and 2007 for Thinking of You. 2008’s Just Between Friends featured Ron Carter as bassist. Allmusic

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