Howard Britz

Howard Britz, a New York City musician, bassist and composer, was born in London, England. He has recorded and toured the US and Europe with his band, as well as three CDs as a leader/bassist. He has released an EP as a pianist/composer in 2012, and will release a complete CD in May 2013. Britz’s debut as a pianist is evident in the latest recording, which features Eric Halvorson on drums, Bill Moring on bass, and Donny McCaslin playing tenor sax. Howard has recorded and performed as a sideman with many influential musicians, including: Danilo Perez and Annie Ross, Danilo perez, Paquito De Rivera, Sam Rivers. Julius Hemphill and Uri Caine. Kenny Moring, Bill Moring, Bill Moring, Sam Rivers. Julius Hemphill and Donny McCaslin on tenor sax. Kenny Wheeler and Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra. Edsel Gomeez and New York’s Central Baptist Gospel Choir. His playing and compositions reflect the breadth of his musical influences. This is evident in the recordings he has made and with the artists with whom he has collaborated. Howard grew up in England and was a part of the London Jazz scene. He played in bands with British pianists Jonathan Gee and Jason Rebello and saxophonists Tim Garland, Mornington Locket and others. Britz was a sought-after sideman and band leader, but he also played in the onstage band that performed in the highly successful London show Blues in the Night. This show ran for more than a year in London’s West End. Howard arrived in America in 1991 with a Berklee College of Music scholarship. He quickly became a successful musician. He was a tenor with Billy Pierce, an ex-Art Blakey singer. Britz transferred to The New England Conservatory of Music and earned a Graduate Diploma. He also kept a busy performing career. He moved to Philadelphia, PA in 1995, after he had left New York. There, he found a vibrant and lively jazz scene. “I learned so much from playing with the wonderful Philly musicians of both the older and younger generations, such as Sid Simmons, Uri Case, John Swana, and John Swana. It was a great scene. Howard moved to Brooklyn in 1998 with his wife Martha and Louis, their cocker spaniel. Since then, he has been steadily working in NYC and on tours throughout the US. Howard received his BFA Summa cum Laude in Music and Education in 2005. Howard is a performer and teaches workshops, classes, and private students. from

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