Hugo Carvalhais

Hugo Carvalhais was born at Oporto/ Portugal. He received a degree from the Fine Arts School in painting. Carvalhais, despite being self-taught studied with and attended seminars with musicians such as Ron Carter, Eddie Gomez and Hein Van der Geyn, Mario Pavone and Carlos Bica. Hugo is considered one of the best and most “sui generis” Portuguese double-bass players his generation. He has collaborated with many musicians, including Tim Berne, Emile Parisien. Dominique Pifarely. Sheila Jordan. Jefferey Davies, Art Themen, and others. 2010 marks the release of Hugo’s first album as a leader, featuring Tim Berne, saxophone player. “Nebulosa”, which was voted the best album of the year by magazine, received excellent reviews from national and international media. Clean Feed’s 10th anniversary voted the album as one of their most representative records. Hugo Carvalhais’ second album “Particula”, was released in 2012 with his regular band members ( Gabriel Pinto and Mario Costa) and Emile Parisien. “Particula”, was voted the best jazz record of 2012 by Jornal Publico in Portugal, Cuadernos de Jazz in Spain, San Diego Reader (USA), JazzWrap(USA), Downtown Music Galery [USA], Otro Jazz Blog [Canada], Otro Jazz Blog [Canada], Otro Jazz Blog]), Otro Jazz Blog[Canada], Percorsi musicali[Italy], Karl Lippegaus- Suddeutsche Zeitung (Germany), Perfect Sounds (Norway), and Rua de baixoo (Portu de baixoo (Portugalo) from

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