I Am Three

I am three is a collaborative project between Berlin based musicians Silke Eberhard (altosax), Nikolaus Neuser (trumpet) and Christian Marien (drums). I am three works like Mingus has worked in his ensembles: without scores, playing from the heart, listening to Mingus. Every musician knows all the voices to be able to arrange the music instantly. The first sentence of Mingus‘ autobiography starts like this: „In other words: I am three“. Silke Eberhard, Nikolaus Neuser and Christian Marien play Mingus‘ music and demonstrate that it is still possible to make a fresh statement and interprete the music in a highly contemporary way. In the best traditions of Mingus, they take chances, they are extremely playful and they are faithful to Mingus‘ spirit. Would he dig this? from https://iamthreeblog.wordpress.com

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