I Know You Well Miss Clara

Prog/Fusion-Jazz band from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. I Know You Well Miss Clara has found the freedom through a great US label, MoonJune Records, established by an entrepreneurial producer, tour manager and promoter Leonardo Pavkovic. The focus of MoonJune is to discover and release music by musicians from multifarious international settings by exploring the expanding boundaries of genuine, challenging “non-over-produced music” that cannot be easily categorized into any specific format. I Know You Well Miss Clara has infiltrated the abutments of music boxes, invented its own character, and evolved it to be more mature. Serving the music in the tradition of Canterbury Scene, the sound of groups of progressive rock, avant garde and adventurous jazz musicians based around the Canterbury city during the 60s to the early 70s such as Soft Machine or Matching Mole. from facebook

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