Ian Brighton

Ian Brighton is an improvising guitar player best known for his work in the 70s to the early 90s. He played alongside Lol Coxhill and Marcio Mattos as well as Frank Perry and Radu Malfatti Veryan Weston. Along with Trevor Watts, John Stevens, and Evan Parker, he was also part of the Spontaneous Music Ensemble. He also co-founded the Alternative Music Orchestra with Trevor Taylor. Roger Smith, Peter Cusack, John Russell and Roger Smith were also among his contemporaries. Each had a different approach to playing the guitar. After a nearly 30-year absence, interest was shown when he appeared in Tony Oxley’s 75th birthday album on Incus. In 2014, he released a SoundCloud release entitled “A Voice You Left Behind” – a tribute to Derek Bailey, his mentor and old friend. Now and Then was created to allow old friends to get together through a recording medium. Paul, his son recorded the album and played two tracks. Ian’s old friends Trevor Taylor (and Frank Perry) are joined together for a composed improvisation track. The album also includes an unreleased, unmastered recording of the original band from 1985 as well as a tribute to Lol Cxhill. from www.confrontrecordings.com

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