Ian Faquini

Ian Faquini, a 23-year-old Brazilian guitarist and singer, resides in Berkeley, California. He was previously a member the renowned Berkeley High School Jazz Program. Ian was 16 years old when he became the mentor of Guinga, a legendary Brazilian guitarist. Ian is one of the most respected and unique guitar players in San Francisco Bay Area. He has a rare chordal technique, and a delicate touch when playing difficult pieces. He has spent the last few summers in Brazil where he studied and performed with some of the country’s most renowned guitarists, such as Marcus Tardelli and Guinga. Ian joined the California Brazil Camp faculty recently. He is currently completing his degree at the Jazz School, Berkeley. He performs solo concerts as well as in duos with Doug Pet, Rebecca Kleinmann, Scott Thompson, and other musicians. Ian sings and plays originals as well as many sambas and bossa novas and Brazilian classical guitar pieces. From www.rifftime.com

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