Ibis was founded in Stockholm in the 70th century under the name of ‘Wild Cactus.’ Olle Nilsson and others from Finspång / Norrköping had previously played in the 1960s group “14”. In the 1970s he moved to Stockholm to study music and formed the group “Wild Cactus” along with some new friends. The group Wild Cactus was among the pioneers of the rock sscene in Swedish. They played progressive rock with influences from jazz and folk music that is said to have some similarities to Traffic, although ‘current law’, ‘Midsummer’ and’ Angelic Children’ are good comparisons too. Among the band’s best songs are “Time Machine”, “Morality Soft Furniture” and “Some modest proposals for recreation jobs for the unemployed.” They say all records should be fine but the “winds Roads” will be slightly better than the other two. The group later renamed itself to the Ibis and released a more jazz influenced LP in, self titled in 1974 and later disbanded. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License and may ask Also available under the GNU FDL.

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