Ibrahim Electric

Ibrahim Electric is a Danish band situated primarily in Copenhagen, Denmark. Ibrahim Electric are widely famous in Denmark for their experimental music, many genres, including jazz, funk, afro-beat, surf and many more. The band members are Niclas Knudsen (guitar), Stefan Pasborg (drums) and Jeppe Tuxen (Hammond B-3) In 2005 they recorded a live CD with trombonist Ray Anderson at Copenhagen Jazzhouse, called Ibrahim Electric Meets Ray Anderson. They repeated this in 2007 with the CD Ibrahim Electric Meets Ray Anderson – Again!. In 2006 they released the album Absinthe: Ian Patterson for All About Jazz found that this record avoided the tendency of groove-based music to sound repetitive.[4] Gaffa gave this album 4/6, calling Ibrahim Electric “one of the most interesting and elusive bands” in Denmark from wikipedia

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