Idrees Sulieman

Idrees Sulman, born August 7, 1923 in St. Petersburg (FL) and died July 23, 2002 in St. Petersburg. He was a hard bop and bop trumpeter. He was a Boston Conservatory student and had early experience with the Carolina Cotton Pickers (1943-1944). Mary Lou Williams was a close friend of Sulieman’s for a while. He also had stints with Cab Calloway and John Coltrane as well as Lionel Hampton and Count Basie. Sulieman recorded with Coleman Hawkins (1957), and performed with Randy Weston (1958-1959). He also appeared in many other situations. In 1961, he traveled to Europe to tour with Oscar Dennard. He then settled in Stockholm and moved to Copenhagen in 1964. Sulieman was a major soloist in The Kenny Clarke–Francy Boland Big Band, which he performed with from the mid-’60s to 1973. He also worked frequently with radio orchestras. As a leader, his recordings were for Swedish Columbia (1964), and SteepleChase (76 and 1985). He was a member of the big band on Miles Davis’ album, “Aura” (1985). This album was released in 1989. As he grew older, Sulieman’s music career suffered. On July 23, 2002, he died from bladder cancer at St. Anthony’s Hospital St. Petersburg, Florida. Wikipedia

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